Friday, August 21, 2015

Bedroom in White Down

I have been slowly working my magic on the house and painting, painting, painting. Choosing neutral colors such as Hopsack and White Down.... but I remember when I was a teenager making massive color mistakes. I had the brightest hot pink room. I painted it  (poorly) when my mom was at work and when she came home, I thought she was going to have a heart attack.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Bathroom Reveal

Slowly I have been adding some finishing touches to the upstairs bathroom. Normally I go for light, neutral colors but when I found that I had two gallons of this warm color, Richmond Gold by Benjamin Moore, I decided to take a risk, and it paid off. I like risks in design; not all the time, just sometimes. When you have room to wiggle, I say go for it!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Design | Live Edge Furniture | Collaboration with Arc & Hammer

My definition of good design is being able to mix and match varying styles to create one coherent space. I personally trend towards "farm house style" a combination of painted and stained antique furniture, but every now really enjoy industrial style pieces, such as combinations of wood and metal together, or bases made from unique found pieces.

Monday, August 10, 2015

VSCCA Hillclimb Race at Mt. Equinox, Sunderland VT and more...

On Sunday, the V.S.C.C.A (Vintage Sports Car Club Association) held a very exciting event called the hill climb race at Mt. Equinox in Sunderland Vermont. Mt. Equinox is the highest peak on the Taconic range, standing at 3,800 ft. above sea level. It's summit yields views to eastern V.T, northern V.T  and to the west and northwest breathtaking sights of New York's Adirondack High Peaks.

Friday, July 17, 2015

photos from my yard // work to be done

Today I spent some time outside in our yard. It's no surprise that I am not the "gardener" type. I am more of the susie, in the house maker.  I took some photos of things that I found to be beautiful outside. Nothing fancy, just the little things. I have so much work to do outside and I have one big project on my list, which I will save for a later date, but lets just say it includes some blue stone, boulders and a custom made fire pit all tucked into a cavernous area in the back yard. If I ever get it done, it surely will be amazing! (note the "if" hehehe)

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Our First Market of The Season | The Elephant's Trunk

Last year I set up for opening day of The Elephant's Trunk Flea Market in New Milford CT, as the crowds rushed in, I couldn't help but to feel the overwhelming excitement knowing it was the first of many more to come. And so I set up for most of the season, bringing items that I didn't necessarily care about much, things that needed to be "flipped" or repaired. This year I waited for the opening day to come and go, heeding the advice of my friend and fellow dealer Richard.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Block Island Organics | Summer is almost here!

When we were kids, we used to lay out on the beach slathered in olive oil, sun bathing our little bodies until we looked like burnt cookies. Now that I am an adult, my skin just can't take that kind of torture, nor would I want it to. With age I have come to understand the true dangers of being unprotected from the sun and until now turned to products that anyone could find on a grocery store shelf.  I am utterly happy that both those days are totally over.

Kristy's Cabinet

And so the crazy projects continue, although this one wasn't too crazy, just the chic I worked on it with! (Just joking Kristy!)

Kristy is one of my amazing artisans at The Litchfield Artisans Guild. She specializes in Steampunk style jewelry, which totally jives with my style!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Blue Bedroom // Van Deusen Set

Usually when a client comes to us with a bedroom set re-deux it is a set with many similarities to the one below. Bennington Pine or Broyhill, 1980's through the early 90's.The one difference with this set compared to times past is we didn't paint it white or black! I was thrilled when my client offered up blue as an option and together we chose Van Deusen Blue by Benjamin Moore.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

T.N.E.G Color Favorite for Spring 2015

I absolutely love working with color and when a new client called to have a bedroom set refinished the first thing I thought was "they are going to want it white or black" but boy was I wrong! She suggested blue and I was beyond thrilled! Below are my favorite colors for Spring 2015. Which would you choose? 

Wales Green 2028-50 | Benjamin Moore 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thrifty Finds & My New Crocheting Addiction

Today was a thrifty kind of day. My mom has finally come to the realization that what I do is fun, not cumbersome and boring. I am slowly luring her into the crafting and repurposing world....and getting her away from "prim" catalogs that sell new, manufactured in china, cheap furnishings and decor. 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


In our new series |  TRENDY TALK | we are going to be talking about all types of design and style trends that we believe are either do's or don'ts, in's or out's. Today we are looking at up-cycled furniture that has been "decoupaged" meaning that it was covered with a fabric or paper finish. The process of decoupaging can be both simple or tedious depending on the material being used and scope of the project. Take a look below and decide if this is a trend you have to try or would pass on!

found on pinterest